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Located at the upper end of the Hajar Mountains, Mount Hatta is the perfect combination of stunning scenery, ancient heritage, and adventure. The perfect weekend getaway, Hatta Mountain Safari is an off-road trip along the rugged landscape of Hatta’s stunning desert scenery. Moreover, the mysterious mountain road leads to the ancient Hatta Heritage Village, which includes an ancient fort and a mosque, believed to be the oldest building in Hatta.

Hatta Mountain Safari departs from your hotel and travels by 4×4 to the Arabian Desert. A friendly, professional tour assistant will introduce you to every element of the Hatta Mountain Safari Park. The village features impressive mud houses, an ancient fort, and monuments, each depicting 16th-century Emirati culture and architecture.Above all, the safari also includes a visit to the famous carpet and pottery market, which sells beautifully designed rugs and merchandise. However, the Hatta Dam stops provide insight into the destination’s irrigation and electricity production.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore the rugged landscape and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Hatta Desert, bordered by the majestic Hajjar Mountains via the Hatta Mountain Safari Park.
  • Additionally, explore the historic village of Hatta, which includes an ancient fortress and a mosque dating back to the 16th century
  • Discover the art and architecture of the UAE through the many beautifully restored houses, monuments, and earthen buildings
  • Plus, visit Hatta Mountain Park, known for its refreshing mountain roads and lush green landscapes, perfect for a picnic.
  • Then, proceed to Hatta Dam, where water collected from natural mountain springs is used for irrigation and power generation.
  • Pick up the famous Fossil and Camel Rock, two unusual rock formations hidden in the desert dunes.


Day 1 :



  • 1: Pick up & Drop back to your hotel
  • 2: Hatta tracking Mountain
  • 3: Safari Hatta
  • 4: Heritage Village
  • 5: Hatta Fort Hotel
  • 6: Fresh water pool
  • 7: Visit of carpet market
  • 8: Lunch (optional)

Excludes (Additionally Payable)

  • 1: Kayaking at Hatta Dam
  • 2: Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel
  • 3: Exclusive Private 4x4 Vehicle


Do I have to carry my passport with me when I travel?

Yes, please bring your original card onboard. Usually, you don’t need a passport. Since we are located in the border area between the UAE and Oman, it is best to have your passport with you.

Which emirate does Hatta belong to?

Hatta is located in the Hajar Mountains bordering Oman and is officially part of the Emirate of Dubai.

Can I automatically extend the tour by 1 to 2 hours?

Yes, this is usually only possible after consultation with the driver/guide. Talk to the driver/guide when appropriate.

Why do I have to provide my room number on arrival?

Pickup times for specific tours sometimes vary slightly. If we know your room number, it’s easy to leave you a message. Also, we know you have arrived in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Are there drinks during the tour?

Yes, soft drinks are included in the price during the tour.

Can I pay for travel in EUR, USD, CHF, or other currencies?

Yes, you can, but your guide may ask you to change money yourself at the exchange office. During your trip, you will pass by the exchange office several times. Importantly, if you pay in EUR/CHF, the bank exchange rate to convert EUR/CHF to AED will be calculated on the day of payment.

When will I know when to pick up the group?

You usually select your tour time. 6. It’s 7, 8, or 9 in the morning most recommended.

Can I rent a mountain bike during my tour?

Yes, but only by special request. If you want to see and experience the Hatta, the mountains, and the desert together, there is no time for a tour. All you have to do is talk to the driver/guide and tell him your wishes.

How much time required driving in deserts or mountains?

It’s your decision! Your wishes are the most important. For example, whether you want to visit the Heritage Village, you have to decide. However, the driver/guide made many suggestions during the tour. You can agree or disagree.

How far is it from Dubai to Hatta?

Depending on the route chosen, the distance between Dubai and Hatta is between 120 and 150 km.


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From د.إ250
/ Adult
From د.إ230
/ Child
From د.إ1050
/ Private Vehicle

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