Our Hand Picked Dhow Hummer Desert Safari Dubai Deals for you!


  • Per Person (Min 1)
  • Shared Transfer
  • Pick & Drop From Hotel / Apartment
  • Dune bashing
  • Belly Dance & Fire Show
  • BBQ Dinner with Veg & Non Veg


  • Per Person (Min 1)
  • Shared Transfer
  • Pick & Drop From Hotel / Apartment
  • Dune bashing & Quad Bike
  • Belly Dance & Fire Show
  • BBQ Dinner with Veg & Non Veg
  • VIP Lounge & Table Service



Excludes (Additionally Payable)

Schedule & Timing

Schedule & Timing


Then try Hummer Desert Safari.

Hummers are known for their legendary off-road capability, outstanding engine performance, and outstanding design. However, this unique fleet of super trucks offers an adventurous desert safari more than other SUVs (land cruisers or Parado).

On our exclusive journey, you will enjoy a royal experience. With us, you’ll get more than just the best hunting deals and hummer desert safari packages. Our packages are affordable and the hummer safaris are the best.

This tour offers you one of the most exciting experiences of your life. The giant vehicle allows you to drive on the red dunes at high speed while having endless fun. You can opt for this safari because you won’t get the usual treatment like other tourists; instead, you’ll get luxurious treats that allow you to enjoy it more comfortably.

Availability Daily

Instant Confirmation

Pick up & Drop Back

Duration: 04:00 Hrs (Approx)

English/Arabic Tour Guide

Pickup Time: 07:00 Hrs


Let’s take this rare opportunity to cherish every moment in the desert on the Hummer Desert Safari. For the best VIP treatment, the Hummer H2 offers the Hummer Safari. The red dunes rise and fall as you ride while slamming the dunes that crush the sand. Beautiful red dunes can be seen in the Arabian desert. After an exciting dune adventure, we will stop in the desert to take pictures so you can make cherished memories later of Dubai’s stunning desert.

We continued our adventure with camel rides, sandboarding, and stunning sunsets over the dunes. You can also ride a quad bike on this tour, and after dinner and entertainment, we’ll take you home on a Hummer. With this tour, you can see what Dubai was like 50 years ago. Moreover, introduced to their Middle Eastern culture. Plus, know the rich and famous Bedouin culture while enjoying the different rides. Take pictures in their colorful traditional costumes.


Moring Hummer Desert Safari

Morning Hummer Safari is specially designed with upgraded Hummer so you can have the most unforgettable experience of life. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city on an early morning desert tour. Explore the desert and everything you must bring while enjoying a variety of traditional experiences and exercises like sandboarding, henna painting, and camel riding. End your portion with a delicious breakfast and sample many local dishes.

Evening Hummer Desert Safari

In Evening Hummer Desert Safari, your adventurous experience will begin mid-afternoon when the weather becomes more friendly to its visitors. Choose from different thrilling activities, then head straight to a Bedouin camp where you’ll see traditional art. End your Hummer evening desert safari with a delicious dinner featuring local and continental cooking techniques. On the Evening Hummer Desert Safari that begins in the evening, you can choose (for an additional fee) the Dubai Quad Bike Desert Safari or the Dubai Dune Buggy Safari, and start a 30-40 minute dune bashing, with different live entertainment, unlimited Hookah and Heena Tattoos.

Overnight Hummer Desert Safari

An overnight hummer desert safari has the potential to be the best trip of your life. It has all the elements of a great journey like excitement, fun, excitement, uniqueness, and more. This trip will change your life and once you return from the trip, you will explore a completely different side of yourself. There is nothing better than sleeping on a sand bed under the stars. A person can experience some of the best outdoor activities of his life, and once he returns from a trip, he has memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy all the royal amenities with an opportunity of stargazing and witness golden rays of sunset/sunrise on the Arabian sand.


We offer the best Hummer Desert Safari Deals in Dubai. Drive a Humvee, modernly called Hummer over the dunes for a truly amazing safari experience

  • Hummer H2 Dune Bashing transfer (up to 40 minutes on red sand)
  • Camel ride, 
  • Sandboarding
  • BBQ dinner (international style buffet)
  • Henna/tattoo design, 
  • Unlimited soft drinks, coffee, tea, water, snacks, 
  • 5 Live performances  
  • Photography: in Arabian attire (Thwabs/abaya) ,of sunset/sunrise 
  • Smoking Hokkha (Hubble bubble for Adult)

Pay for other amenities

  • Take a photo with the Arabian Eagle (falcon)
  • For horseback riding, 
  • ATV riding, 
  • Quad biking

Why choose us for Hummer Desert Safari?

  • Our services are designed for travel lovers without racial or ethnic discrimination, and we pride ourselves on being able to stand out.
  • We guarantee your safety as our professional drivers manage the vehicle flawlessly.
  • We offer affordable yet adventurous packages.
  • Hummer Desert Safari offers you unprecedented luxury.
  • The transparency of our service sets us apart from our competitors is there are no hidden costs. Everything is clearly stated in the packaging.
  • We put our customers first, so we can assist you with your bookings 24/7.
  • Our packages are varied, so choose the one that best suits your choices, interests, and budget.
  • As part of its COVID-19 precautionary measures, the Dubai Tourism Authority (DTCM) has asked us to commit to the safety and protection of our guests and staff.


30 - 35 minutes Dune Smash in Hummer

Enjoy an exhilarating ride along the edge of the sand in a 4×4 on a desert safari tour from Dubai, and hop on a board to watch eagles pop, zip across, or traverse the dunes. Hummer is a giant vehicle and gives you some western military vibes in between the Arabian desert. The ride is full of fun as we expect the driver to take the hummer on the twisting trails and give your most unforgettable experience.

Hummer Desert Safari Camel Ride

Add a camel safari to your desert tour and enjoy an exciting adventure that you will always remember. Here you will find well-trained and very friendly camels ready to take you on an exciting camping adventure that will allow you to experience the traditional desert way of life.

Belly Dance At Hummer Desert Safari

Belly dancing is just one of many interesting performing arts, but when it starts, you realize that the wait is worth it. Dance performances last 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day. Soon after all the guests returned from watching the colorful sunset in the desert sky, the belly dancing show took to the stage.

Hummer Desert Safari BBQ Dinner

Enjoy the best buffet dinner on a desert tour in Dubai. First, you’ll find pasta, falafel, and samosas, while starters include biryani, white rice, dal, fried vegetables, fatty salads, pasta, hummus, vegetable curries, and more. Additionally, BBQ options include lamb kebabs, grilled chicken, and desserts.

Ride a quad bike on a Hummer desert safari

The ATV Quad ride experience makes your trip more fun and exciting. In Hummer Desert Safri you can take a quad bike ride on request depending on which packages you have selected. It is an opportunity of having the ultimate thrill to enjoy yourself with your friends on the dunes. While this is a safe activity, our experts ensure that our clients are protected with all the necessary safety measures so that their experience is very good.

Hummer Desert Safari Fire Show

Yet another thrilling activity is the fire show that lasts for 20-30 minutes. The fire show at Hummer Desert Safari offers the most remarkable experience. Also, fire shows are often part of a nighttime desert safari. With professional aerial skills, it will amaze you. All lights will turn off, only the lights will remain off. At that time, the artists will be accompanied by stirrups on fire.

Hummer Desert Safari Sandboarding

Another exciting and fun activity in desert safari is sandboarding. Experience the thrill of sandboarding in Dubai. You’ll slide down the slopes of the desert dunes and the skis will fit your feet just like you would when skiing.


The Hummer Desert Safari is a combination of extreme luxury and adventure on legendry Hummer H2. Hummer H2 will be at your disposal during the whole tour along with private lounge sitting arrangements for exclusive serving of BBQ dinner at your private table during belly dance and fire show. You can use Hummer H2 for your morning desert safari, evening desert safari or overnight desert safari. A general outline of Hummer evening desert safari is as under

  • Pick up and drop off from anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah in Hummer H2.
  • On arrival, you will be served welcome drinks and dates,
  • 30 to 40 minuts dune bashing on Hummer H2.
  • Unlimited photography sessions of sunset on the golden sand.
  • Camel rides, Sand Boarding, and quad bikes are also available from time to time.
  • After these fun activities, you will head to a private Bedouin with a table setting where you can enjoy the delicious buffet with lots of eateries variety.
  • While in camp other special activities are Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance Show, Fire, unlimited Heena tattoos, photography in Arabian attire, picture with falcon, unlimited flavored hookah, and much more.


Terms & Conditions

  • Children under the age of three and pregnant women should avoid stimulating activities such as dunes and quad biking.
  • We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, not at the airport.
  • We offer the Hummer VIP to create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.
  • If you wish to cancel, you must notify us at least 24 hours before pickup.
  • When filling out the booking form, please include the hotel name and room number so that the hotel management can contact you before the pick-up time.
  • If you’re full, hitting the dunes can make your stomach upset.
  • If you’re planning a hummer desert tour, make sure you have warm clothing as the nights are cool and you’ll need capes, shirts, etc.
  • Make sure you are fully vaccinated, follow all recent guidelines, and practice social distancing.

Covid-19 measures

Although covid is apparently over, we still have precautionary measures. Full recognition by our society of community regulations and positive advice on certification and safety to avoid the spread of Covid-19 contamination.

Dress Code

  • Summer: Light comfortable cloths are recommended.
  • Winter: Light Warm cloths are recommended.

Cancellation Policy

Importantly, cancellation up to 24 hours in advance will receive a full refund, except (transfer fees will apply). Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or no-shows will incur a 100% fee. However, the refund amount will be charged to the same card used for the booking. In the event of rough weather or other external factors beyond our reasonable control. Then, the activity may be canceled for a short time at no charge to the guest. In this case, the tour/activity may be rescheduled or fully repay.

Seating Policy

  • We hold the rights on allocation of seating as per availability.
  • All the shared transfers are managed on SIC / Sharing with other Tourist unless requested and confirmed for the premium services.

Insurance Coverage

Cautiously, we don’t recommend pregnant women, with back pain, neck pain, major surgery, or children under 3 years old to All our vehicles are fully Insured to include passengers in the rare event of an accident.

Precaution Measures

This exercise is not recommended for people with back, neck, or heart problems and pregnant women. Children under the age of 3 cannot visit.


Technically, dune bashing in Hummer Desert safari means driving on the dunes at increased or decreased speeds. As the sandy surface is constantly changing, special skills and a special type of vehicle are required to navigate the terrain, usually a Hummer, a giant vehicle used for military operations now in use by civilians.

The Hummer Desert Safari includes pickup from your hotel, a desert safari with live food and entertainment, and a return.

While we offer the most competitive rates for these activities and attractions, for special deals, you can view our deals on our website or just call us directly for inquiry and booking.

We use a Hummer H2 from our exclusive fleet for our Hummer Desert Safari.

There is no cost for BBQ dinner at Hummer Desert Safari Dubai. You must buy an exclusive safari package that will cover all of your activities and transportation.

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