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  • Pick & Drop From Hotel / Apartment
  • All Inclusions


  • Per 7 Person
  • Private Transfer on 4X4 Land Cruiser
  • Pick & Drop From Hotel / Apartment
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Schedule & Timing

Schedule & Timing


The stunningly beautiful panoramic Hatta Mountian is located in the Hajar Mountains east of Dubai. Al Hajr Mountain range is one of the largest mountain ranges in the region spread over two countries, with 700 km of space.

From exploring the heritage village to the playing area, kayaking in the water, or exploring the mountains, this tour is filled with adventure and fun.

Throughout the journey, making you comfortable and enjoying one of the best trips of your life will be our top priority. We will take you in a 4×4 vehicle due to rough roads. Undoubtedly, you will be amazed by this tour which offers you a wonderful journey with top-notch services.

Above all, you will get there after about an hour of admiring the scenery. There you can visit the large buildings of Hatta Heritage Village which is one of the most famous and unique places around Dubai, especially for those who want to experience Arabic culture and see the last remnants of its former glory.

We know you are here to build unforgettable memories in your life, and we give you a chance to build those precious memories.

Availability Daily

Instant Confirmation

Pick up & Drop Back

Duration: 04:00 Hrs (Approx)

English/Arabic Tour Guide

Pickup Time: 07:00 Hrs


Located at the upper end of the Hajar Mountains, Mount Hatta is the perfect combination of stunning scenery, ancient heritage, and adventure. The perfect weekend getaway, Hatta Mountain Safari is an off-road trip along the rugged landscape of Hatta’s stunning desert scenery. Moreover, the mysterious mountain road leads to the ancient Hatta Heritage Village, which includes an ancient fort and a mosque, believed to be the oldest building in Hatta.

Hatta Mountain Safari departs from your hotel and travels by 4×4 to the Arabian Desert. A friendly, professional tour assistant will introduce you to every element of the Hatta Mountain Safari Park. The village features impressive mud houses, an ancient fort, and monuments, each depicting 16th-century Emirati culture and architecture.Above all, the safari also includes a visit to the famous carpet and pottery market, which sells beautifully designed rugs and merchandise. However, the Hatta Dam stops provide insight into the destination’s irrigation and electricity production.

Hatta Mountain Tour Description

  • Firstly, start your day with an off-road 4×4 jeep ride into the desert.
  • After the briefing, the first stop will be at the famous Fossil and Beautiful Rock, an unusual rock formation hidden in high dunes.
  • After that, enjoy a breakfast picnic in a lap of the Arabian desert.
  • Continue the drive to Hatta Heritage Village, where you have free time to explore the country’s past at this open-air museum.
  • The final stop will take you through the rocky Hajar Mountains to Hatta Dam where you can enjoy the view.
  • Explore and shop at the ancient carpet and pottery market in Hatta Heritage Village.
  • Importantly, a hotel pick-up and drop-off shared shuttle service is available.


  • Firstly, you must carry your original passport with you whenever you are outside.
  • All buses are air-conditioned and equipped with microphones.
  • The 4×4 jeep for an off-road safari is air-conditioned and can accommodate 7 passengers and a driver.
  • The pick-up time for the shared transfer can be adjusted from 30 to 60 minutes according to the traffic schedule, depending on traffic conditions and your location.
  • Moreover, each guest must provide identification at the time of booking and upon arrival. For Indian tourists, PAN cards will not be considered valid proof of address.
  • All foreign nationals must share passport and visa details upon booking and upon arrival.
  • Any breakage or damage to the actual item will be charged.
  • However, children aged 0-4 are considered infants and can travel with their parents for free.
  • Pick-up and drop-off outside Dubai hotels/accommodations will be provided upon request at an additional charge.
  • For shared transfers, seating arrangements are subject to availability and will be arranged by the tour guide upon boarding.
  • Partial use of the service will not be refunded and the service provider reserves the right to charge 100% of the no-show fee if the guest does not show up at the start time mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Notably, this Hatta Mountain Safari Tour is closed on Fridays.
  • Avoid heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the Hatta Mountain Safari.
  • All buses are air-conditioned and equipped with microphones.
  • The 4×4 jeep for off-road safari is air-conditioned and can accommodate 7 passengers and drivers.
  • As driving in some rough areas can be harsh, we cannot accept anyone who is pregnant or has heart problems and back or neck issues.
  • Above all, all vehicles are equipped with seat belts and passengers must wear seat belts at all times.


There are many amazing and adventurous things to do on Hatta Mountain Tour. The list is long, but here we try to explain some of the best things that all tourists love and enjoy during their trip to Hatta Dubai. Here they come:

Enjoy kayaking at Hatta Dam/Lake

Yes, you heard about all adventure lovers, you will have the opportunity to enjoy kayaking in the calm and beautiful waters of Hatta Dam while enjoying the beauty of this place. One of the best attractions in Hatta is the dam, some people called it a Hatta Lake, where the azure waters and their wonderful surroundings will take you there. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a Hatta kayaking experience with your friends and family on a Hatta Dubai tour.

Pay a visit to Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta is undoubtedly a place full of amazing works and an architect from the past that will take you back in time. It is like a time machine where you can see the wonderful life of the people of Hatta in the 18th century. Furthermore, to preserve the original appearance of this place, many cultural events are held here every year. However, you have the opportunity to see beautiful artifacts from the past, such as their weapons and tools.

Wonderful rides in Hatta Mountain Park

If you want to enjoy the picturesque and peaceful scenery, then you need to go to Hatta Mountain Park. Located at the top of the hill, it is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family. Additionally, there are plenty of shady cabins to enjoy a BBQ, along with lush greenery and an inviting setting that makes a picnic more than just an ordinary picnic.

What includes in your Hatta Mountain Safari Tour Cost?

  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel.
  • View of Hajar Mountains while passing through
  • Hatta Dam/Hatta Mountain Park/Hatta Heritage Village
  • Mountain photography
  • Kayaking at Hatta Dam
  • Lunch at Hattaburg Hotel
  • Exclusive SUV

Enjoy The Most Exciting Yet Adventure Hatta Mountain Safari With Us

Here is an option for thrill and adventure lovers who can enrich their adventures by enjoying an amazing mountain safari in Hatta Dubai. There is something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Through our special expertise, one can discover the beauty of Hatta stunningly and uniquely.


Explore the rugged landscape and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Hatta Desert, bordered by the majestic Hajjar Mountains via the Hatta Mountain Safari Park.

Additionally, explore the historic village of Hatta, which includes an ancient fortress and a mosque dating back to the 16th century

Discover the art and architecture of the UAE through the many beautifully restored houses, monuments, and earthen buildings

Plus, visit Hatta Mountain Park, known for its refreshing mountain roads and lush green landscapes, perfect for a picnic.

Then, proceed to Hatta Dam, where water collected from natural mountain springs is used for irrigation and power generation.

Pick up the famous Fossil and Camel Rock, two unusual rock formations hidden in the desert dunes.


Our every itinerary is designed specially so everyone can take the advantage of this adventure. Above all, our well professional team is completed designated to deliver the best adventure services to our clients. However, we are always keen to provide the best quality assistance to our prestigious guests.

Direct Booking

Clearly, you can contact us directly and book desert safari activities packages. Certainly, no third parties, agents, or any other persons are involved in the booking.

No Extra Charge

Our deals with Desert Safari Dubai do not include any additional fees, what is mentioned is completely authentic. Although you have to pay for any extra services that don’t include in the package.

Fun and Adventure Guaranteed

Undoubtedly, ride through the different landscapes of the desert, thrilling rides, fun activities, lots of entertainment, some refreshments, and take photos to cherish later.

Well Trained+Lisenced Driver

Our team is full of well professional and licensed drivers, they exactly know how to entertain our guests, how to take candid pictures, and much more.

Pick up/drop off from home/hotel on us

Importantly, our drivers will pick you up from your home, hotel or anywhere else you live. Plus, our cars are upgraded, comfortable, and air-conditioned.


Terms & Conditions

  • You must book your Hatta tour at least 48 hours before your scheduled tour. Please use the booking form or contact me via Whatsapp for more information.
  • All prices are per person only.
  • To cancel your booking, please notify at least 24 hours before. Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice is not possible and no refund will be given.
  • If you want to reschedule or modify your trip, you must do so 12 hours before your trip. No fee will be deducted. Travel dates must be rescheduled in the same year of travel.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Pregnant women, the elderly, or those with heart or back problems are advised not to take part in an adventure such as a mountain safari.
  • There is no charge for children under 3 years old, adults from 3 years old are charged.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Covid-19 measures

Although covid is apparently over, we still have precautionary measures. Full recognition by our society of community regulations and positive advice on certification and safety to avoid the spread of Covid-19 contamination.

Dress Code

  • Summer: Light comfortable cloths are recommended.
  • Winter: Light Warm cloths are recommended.

Cancellation Policy

Importantly, cancellation up to 24 hours in advance will receive a full refund, except (transfer fees will apply). Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or no-shows will incur a 100% fee. However, the refund amount will be charged to the same card used for the booking. In the event of rough weather or other external factors beyond our reasonable control. Then, the activity may be canceled for a short time at no charge to the guest. In this case, the tour/activity may be rescheduled or fully repay.

Seating Policy

  • We hold the rights on allocation of seating as per availability.
  • All the shared transfers are managed on SIC / Sharing with other Tourist unless requested and confirmed for the premium services.

Insurance Coverage

Cautiously, we don’t recommend pregnant women, with back pain, neck pain, major surgery, or children under 3 years old to All our vehicles are fully Insured to include passengers in the rare event of an accident.

Precaution Measures

This exercise is not recommended for people with back, neck, or heart problems and pregnant women. Children under the age of 3 cannot visit.


Yes, please bring your original card onboard. Usually, you don’t need a passport. Since we are located in the border area between the UAE and Oman, it is best to have your passport with you.

Hatta is located in the Hajar Mountains bordering Oman and is officially part of the Emirate of Dubai.

Yes, this is usually only possible after consultation with the driver/guide. Talk to the driver/guide when appropriate.

Pickup times for specific tours sometimes vary slightly. If we know your room number, it’s easy to leave you a message. Also, we know you have arrived in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Yes, soft drinks are included in the price during the tour.

Yes, you can, but your guide may ask you to change money yourself at the exchange office. During your trip, you will pass by the exchange office several times. Importantly, if you pay in EUR/CHF, the bank exchange rate to convert EUR/CHF to AED will be calculated on the day of payment.

You usually select your tour time. 6. It’s 7, 8, or 9 in the morning most recommended.

Yes, but only by special request. If you want to see and experience the Hatta, the mountains, and the desert together, there is no time for a tour. All you have to do is talk to the driver/guide and tell him your wishes.

It’s your decision! Your wishes are the most important. For example, whether you want to visit the Heritage Village, you have to decide. However, the driver/guide made many suggestions during the tour. You can agree or disagree.

Depending on the route chosen, the distance between Dubai and Hatta is between 120 and 150 km.

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