Desert Safari Dubai is an online booking site for desertsafaridubaie.com, one of the pioneering local tour companies in Dubai. We have been in business for many years, offering high-quality, luxurious, and affordable tour packages that meet your needs.

We proudly offer premium desert safari packages with all the luxurious amenities. Our professional team assists you with any questions you may have, while the camp’s experienced staff are there to guide you.

Who Are We?

We are based in Dubai, but with an extensive network of agents, our services also expand to other emirates in the UAE.

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah (coming soon)
  • Ajman (coming soon)

What do we offer?

We offer premium desert safari packages. This Dubai-based travel agency offers desert safaris, dhow dinner cruises, and city tours in the United Arab Emirates. We invented the concept of desert tours in Dubai and now serve hundreds of tourists every day.

Desert Safari Dubai guarantees you the best desert safari experience. We offer morning and afternoon game drives that can be easily customized to fit any of your schedules. Night camping and desert safaris are the most sought-after adventure activities in the United Arab Emirates, discovering the secrets of nature at night makes your day and night more exciting. 

We invite you to create unforgettable and life-satisfying moments. During the tour, you will experience breathtaking views of the desert sands. When it comes to UAE travel, we have a wide range of packages and bespoke arrangements.

 Celebrate your birthday in the desert or welcome the new year with your loved ones in the middle of majestic dunes. We will arrange a perfect trip for you.

Additionally, we are also specialists in managing corporate events for Dhow Cruise Dubai. Whether you prefer a romantic date with your partner, a dhow cruise dinner on a creek or marina with family or friends, visit the seven emirates of the UAE, explore the green spaces of Al Ain, or just hang out in the city of modern Dubai. Or just stroll through the low-key sights of Sharjah, tour the expansive sights of the ancient and modern city of Abu Dhabi, or enjoy the famous freshwater pools of Hada Oman, Adventures in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about creating a moment of a lifetime. lifetime. We will do it all for you. Come up with an idea of how and where you want to celebrate and we’ll make it happen.

Our Top Selling Tours Are: 

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour from Dubai

Quad Bike Ride Dubai

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Musandam Tour

Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Don’t you want a hassle-free ride to all the desert safari? By choosing the best desert safari tour operators in Dubai, you can get the opportunity to have a lifetime experience in the Arabian Desert or on a cruise. 

When you choose us, you will get:

  • Full-fledged safari tours itineraries with all luxurious amenities,
  • Hassle-free transfers 
  • Unlimited adventure activities
  • Mouthwatering delicacies of the UAE
  • Live entertainments. 

Above all, with excellent local knowledge and multiple languages, our guides share interesting information and fun facts on each tour to enrich your experience.

Quality Assurance 

With years of experience in the field of Desert safari tours, we proudly own an experienced team, which includes our licensed drivers that take you to these adventure rides. Our friendly customer support team makes everything clear to you in the best way possible. Our itinerary manager, create a custom-made tour so that our guest can have the full adventure in maximum time. Above all, we have our quality insurance process that makes sure the highest standards of service and safety are delivered to the customers. 

Custom Made Tours 

Choose from a variety of city tours, desert tours, attractions, and experiences to suit your needs. You can choose a shared transfer or a private transfer plus you can choose the language of your preferences. Choose from a must-see Sunset Desert Safari for everyone, or upgrade to a small, exclusive Premium Overnight Desert Safari. Or, book the best private star safari – the choice is yours. 

Contact us today to customize your experience, the unforgettable rides, and our highly qualified team is waiting to assist you.

Unforgettable Experience 

Our well-qualified and dedicated creation team is constantly exploring new possibilities. Every year, we introduce exciting new ways to explore the region.

Whether you book a VIP Luxury tour or a standard tour, each desert safari tour is worth experiencing. Most tours are offered in multiple languages on a private basis. You can choose your private car and guide to explore more discreetly.

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